Dragon Well (Long Jing)

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Long Jing tea is the most famous green tea in China and is literally translated as "Dragon Well". Legend has it that water flow from the well located near Long Jing village is said to resemble movements of a Dragon after the rain. The leaves have a distinct shape, is smooth, flattened along the side and is a result of highly skilled shaping in hot wok by Tea Masters. 

Green tea is packed with antioxidants that assists with preventing cell damage in the body, lowers cholesterol and increases your blood flow for a healthier you! 

This tea is hand picked from a field situated in the mountain terrains of Hang Zhou from a remote family owned farm with history spanning over 100 years old. 

**Please note: This tea comes packaged in our reusable glass tubes.


Roasted Organic Long Jing Green Tea



Tasting Notes:

Mild roasted chestnut, with smooth vegetal notes and a delicious sweet finish.