Our Story

Tea Story was established in 2016 when the pursuit for quality loose leaf teas sparked the long search through the mountain terrains of Asia and the valleys of Australasia. Tea Story offers the finest, organically grown teas both in its pure form and blends, bringing you on a journey from some of the most remote gardens to your cup. The strong appreciation for tea means spending time understanding the roots and learning the art from local tea masters, conossieurs, farmers and producers. 

Our Wellness Tisane range is specially hand blended here in Australia using formulated herbal medicine with the finest organic ingredients designed for promoting health and wellbeing. Ingredients used to blend our Wellness Tisane range are sourced locally where possible and ingredients are 100% organic and farm grown.

Whilst sharing the journey of exquisite tea is important, the art of brewing a cup of tea is equally important. Tea Story offers a range of artisan brewing accessories as well as home and body products to assist you on the start of your journey. 

Hand blended organic tea