Giving Back

Supporting Water Aid

Tea Story is proud to be supporting Water Aid helping raise over $4700 to help families in need build tap stands for clean and fresh drinking water. Working together with local communities, governments and service providers we can make a lasting change to lives by ensuring the three essentials of clean water, access to decent toilets and good hygiene.

Supporting Water Aid

Tea and Fashion

Tea Story is proud to be a part of the Melbourne FACE FASHION show in 2018 supporting local emerging designers!

Face Fashion provides a platform for unique designers to gain access to the demanding fashion retail market. The aim has been to create a global movement of fashion conscious people, which actively consumes, engages with, and promotes quality Australian fashion using a broad variety of avenues and mediums. We are proud to be a part of the Melbourne Fashion Show on the 3-5th of April at the Malvern Town Hall, winding down the evening with our hand blended organic tea!

 Face Fashion Show Melbourne